Strategic Tool for a Client’s Board

The carbon footprint is calculated by measuring the global warming impact of a chosen targetusing the life cycle assessment method and international accounting standards. The calculation is based on a measurement according to the GHG Protocol, where the greenhouse gas emissions generated by the activities of chosen targetare divided into the following:

1: GHG emissions, which are a result of own activities,

2: GHG emissions that come from the production of purchased energy, and

3: GHG emissions, which are an indirect result of the company’s activities, but which the company cannot directly control.


Process that Fuels Results

The carbon footprint of a chosen target is calculated as easily and clearly as possible from the customer’s point of view. Our experts take care of the data collection on golf courses in cooperation with the customer, measuring the carbon footprint of chosen target in its current state. In addition to the current state, a separate reference result is also calculated for chosen target which takes into account the impact of potential development measures on the overall carbon footprint. The calculation criteria and results are delivered to the customer in the form of a carbon footprint report. Due to the standards and restrictions, the measurement results of different golf courses are mutually comparable.



  • Golf courses
  • Ice rinks / Ice hockey centres and arenas
  • Cities and municipalities / sports and culture facilities
  • Sports and culture events